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To Goldenrod Gym

Azalea Town

  • Pokemon Battle rival in West of the gate
  • Go to Ilex Forest.

Ilex Forest

  • There is people who escape Farfetch'd.
  • Hidden Machine01 Cut Nowak and take Farfetch'd.
  • Go to Route 34.

Route 34

  • Talk to Police officers who are next to Pokemon Day Care of the night.
  • Become Pokemon Battle.
# There is Pokemon Day Care.
# Leave your male and female
# Sometimes from Pokemon Egg is born

Goldenrod City

  • Rent a Bicycle at Miracle Cycle.
  • Answer the quiz at Acceptance of Radio Tower.
  • Get flowers.
  • The first quiz:YES
  • The second quiz:YES
  • The third quiz:No
  • The fourth quiz:YES
  • The 5th quiz:No
  • Get me the phone number of Bill from children.
  • Us to exchange the Drowzee and Machop at 5F Goldenrod Department Store.
  • Talk to a girl at 5F Goldenrod Department Store.
  • So that Mystery Gift can be.
  • Arrangement is changed basement of the items
  • When you can not get item.
  • Re-entered the basement.

Goldenrod Gym

  • Win Gym Leader Whitney.
  • Get Plain Badge.
  • Get Hidden Machine45 Attract.


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