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To Ecruteak Gym

Route 35

  • Talk to Police officers who are next to にNational Park of the night.
  • Become Pokemon Battle.

National Park

  • Bug-Catching Contest is carried out on Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday.
  • 1 position of the prize:Sun Stone
  • 2 position of the prize:Everstone
  • 3 position of the prize:Gold Berry
  • Participation Award:Berry

Route 36

  • Sudowoodo is blocking the road.
  • Using SquirtBottle
  • It will be no Sudowoodo.
  • Receive Hidden Machine08 Rock Smash to thank
# After victory Goldenrod Gym.
# Get SquirtBottle at House where there is a flower bed

Ecruteak City

  • Meet Bill at Pokemon Center.
  • So that Time Capsule can be used
  • Get Dowsing Machine next to the house of Ecruteak Gym.

Ecruteak Dance Theater

  • Get the Time Capsule of explanation from the clerk at Bill.
  • Exchange Excitement can be from tomorrow.
  • Bill home in Goldenrod City.
  • Eevee Nowak at Bill house.
  • Win Five Kimono Girl.
  • Get Hidden Machine03 Surf.

Ecruteak Gym

  • Win Gym Leader Morty.
  • Get Fog Badge.
  • Get Hidden Machine30 Shadow Ball.


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