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To Cianwood Gym

Brass Burned Tower

  • Pokemon Battle Rival.
  • After meeting with Eusine.(Crystal Version)。
  • Closer to the three image.
  • Escape Pokemon.
  • Or later.
  • Raikou Lv40、Entei Lv40、Suicune Lv40 appears to Grass of around.
  • Go to Route 38.

Route 38

  • Go to Route 39.

Route 39

  • Increase the Berry to Miltank that are weak.
  • So you can buy Moo-Moo Milk.
  • Get Hidden Machine13 Snore together

Olivine City

  • Meet Rival at the entrance.
  • Get Good Rod at home near the Cianwood
  • Get Hidden Machine04 Strength from man in Olivine Cafe.

Glitter Lighthouse

  • Meet Gym Leader Chuck, who is in the top of Glitter Lighthouse.

Route 40 Route 41

  • Go to Cianwood City.

Cianwood City

  • SecretPotion is only obtainable once, from the pharmacy in Cianwood City.
  • Near Pokemon Center.
  • Take charge of the Shuckle from boy.
  • It may be got.
  • After Suicune ran.(Crystal Version)
  • Pokemon Battle Eusine.(Crystal Version)

Cianwood Gym

  • Win Gym Leader Chuck.
  • Get Storm Badge.
  • Get Hidden Machine01 Dynamic Punch.

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