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To Mahogany Gym

Olivine City

  • After winning in Gym Leader Jasmine.
  • Back to Ecruteak City.

Ecruteak City

  • Go to Route 42.

Route 42

  • Surf straight.
  • It would also be good to stop at Mt. Mortar.

Mt. Mortar

  • Marill rarely appear.

Mahogany Town

  • Proceeding.
  • Go to Route 43.

Route 43

  • Proceed to the left:Wild Pokemon Battle.
  • Proceed to the right:Pay tolls.

Lake of Rage

  • Red Scale from the red Gyarados.
  • Back to Mahogany Town.
  • Bring the Red Scale to Mr. Pokemon at Route 30.
  • Get Exp. Share.
  • Mahogany Town

    • Go to Souvenir Shop.
    • Find the Hideout


    • Pokemon Battle Minion of Team Rocket.
    • Go down the first of the stairs
    • Us to recover Pokemon.
    • Pressing the next to the Scientist switch.
    • Defeat Minion of Team Rocket.
    • Elicit two password.
    • Proceed to the underground.
    • Defeat Rocket's Admin..
    • Hear the password from Murkrow.
    • Back Upper floors.
    • To enter a password.
    • To open the door.
    • Defeat Rocket's Admin..
    • Defeat three Electrode.
    • Get Hidden Machine06 Whirlpool.

    Mahogany Gym

  • Win Gym Leader Pryce.
  • Get Glacier Badge.
  • Get Hidden Machine16 Icy Wind.

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