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To Blackthorn Gym

Mahogany Town

  • After victory Gym Leader Pryce.
  • Get out of Gym.
  • Phone takes from Professor Elm.
  • Go to Radio Tower,Goldenrod City.

Goldenrod Radio Tower

  • Go to top floor.
  • Defeat Rocket's Admin..
  • Get Basement Key.
  • Go to back of Underground Path.
  • Pokemon Battle Rival.
  • move on.
  • Get Card Key.
  • Defeat Team Rocket.
  • Get Rainbow Wing.(Gold)
  • Get Silver Wing.(Silver)
  • Get Clear Bell.(Crystal Version)
  • Go to Route 44.

Route 44

  • move on.

Ice Path

  • move on.
# Fire Type Pokemon is useful

Blackthorn City

  • There is Move Deleter.

Blackthorn Gym

  • After winning Gym Leader Chuck.
  • Go to Dragon's Den.
  • Fetch Dragon Fang.

Dragon's Den(Gold and Silver)

  • Necessary Whirlpool.
  • Get Dragon Fang.
  • Get Rising Badge and Hidden Machine24 Dragon Breath from Clair

Dragon's Den(Crystal Version)

  • answer the five questions.
  • After answer.
  • Get Rising Badge and Hidden Machine24 Dragon Breath.
  • Very good:Dratini remember Move Extreme Speed
  • good:Dratini not remember Move Extreme Speed


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