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After ending

New Bark Town

  • Get S.S. Ticket from Professor Elm

S.S. Aqua

  • Get S.S. Metal Coat from Grandpa in Captain Room.

Vermilion City

  • Get Rare Candy in Pokemon Lover's Club

Vermilion Gym

  • Win Gym のLt. Surge.
  • Get Thunder Badge.

Route 6

  • Go to Saffron City.

Saffron City

  • Get Hidden Machine29 Psychic in house
  • Get Up-Grade from Security guard in Silph Co..
  • Get Focus Band in Pasta La Vista.

Saffron Gym

  • Win Gym Leader Sabrina.
  • Get Marsh Badge.

Route 8

  • Go to Lavender Town.

Route 7

  • It appears unusual Growlithe,Vulpix.

Lavender Town

  • Get Search results from Uncle in Radio Tower.

Rock Tunnel

  • Proceeding.

Route 9

  • Go to Pokemon Center in front of Rock Tunnel.
  • Use Surf.
  • Go to Kanto Power Plant.

Kanto Power Plant

  • Hear the story.
  • Ringing phone.
  • Go to Cerulean City.

Cerulean City

  • Go to Cerulean Gym.

Route 24

  • Pokemon Battle.
  • Hear the location of Machine Part.

Route 25

  • Pokemon Battle.途中でトレーナーとバトルしないと進めない所がある。
  • Get Nugget After defeating all Trainer.

Cerulean Cape

  • There are Misty.
  • Cerulean Gym is restored.
  • Get Evolutionary stone in Sea Cottage.

Cerulean Gym

  • Win Gym Leader Misty.
  • Get Cascade Badge.

Kanto Power Plant

  • Pass Machine Part.
  • Get Hidden Machine07 Zap Cannon.

Route 5

  • Get an item in house.

Celadon City

  • Go to the roof of Celadon Condominiums.
  • Get Hidden Machine03 Curse.
  • Get Leftovers in Cafeteria's Garbage can

Celadon ym

  • Win Gym Leader Erika.
  • Get Rainbow Badge.
  • Get Hidden Machine18 Rain Dance.
  • Go to Fuchsia City.

Route 16 Route 17 Route 18

  • Using the bicycle.

Fuchsia Gym

  • Win Gym Leader Janine.
  • Get Soul Badge.
  • Get Hidden Machine06 Toxic.

Route 12

  • Get Super Rod in house.

Route 13

  • Proceeding.

Route 14 Route 15

  • Proceeding.

Route 11

  • Sleeping Snorlax.
  • Use PokeGear.
  • Tuning Poke Flute.
  • Get only chance Snorlax

Diglett's Cave

  • Go to Route 2.

Route 2

  • Proceeding.

Pewter City

  • Get Silver Wing from Uncle who is close to Poke Mart.(Gold)
  • Get Rainbow Wing from Uncle who is close to Poke Mart.(Silver)

Pewter Gym

  • Win Gym Leader Takeshi.
  • Get Boulder Badge.

Route 3

  • Proceeding.

Mt. Moon

  • Pokemon Battle Rival.
  • Go to Viridian City.

Route 4

  • one-way.

Viridian City

  • Get Hidden Machine42 Dream Eater from Dozing man.
  • Pokemon Battle in Trainer House.
  • Go to Cinnabar Island from Pallet Town
  • Use Surf.

Route 1

  • Proceeding.

Pallet Town

  • Talk to Samuel Oak.
  • So go to Mt.Silver.

Route 21

  • Go to Cinnabar Island.

Viridian Gym

  • Win Gym Leader Green.
  • Get Earth Badge.

Guren Town

  • Cinnabar Gym has moved to Seafoam Islands.

Route 20

  • Go to Seafoam Islands.

Cinnabar Gym

  • Win Gym Leader Blaine.
  • Get Volcano Badge.

Route 19

  • Pass by.

Route 28

  • Go to Route 28 from Champion gate.
  • Advance the Mt. Silver Pokemon Center to the right.
  • Get Hidden Machine47 Steel Wing in house.

Mt. Silver

  • Go to Mt. Silver from Mt. Silver Cave.
  • There is Red.


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