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Battle Royal

  • A Battle Royal is a type of Pokemon battle introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon.
  • A Battle Royal involves four Trainers all battling each other at the same time.
  • The format is based on the battles that the four guardian deities of Alola take part in to decide who is the strongest of them all.
  • Battle Royals are held at the Battle Royal Dome.
  • Occasionally, The Royal (Professor Kukui) will appear as one of the opponents in the Master Rank.


  • In a Battle Royal, each Trainer brings up to three Pokemon into the ring, using one Pokemon at a time.
  • At the end of a turn, if a Trainer has no Pokemon left, the Battle Royal ends.
  • All participants are scored based on the number of Pokemon they knocked out, and the number of Pokemon they have remaining.
  • During a Battle Royal, any Pokemon can target any of the other three opposing Pokemon as a target.
  • If a targeted Pokemon is defeated before every Pokemon has taken their turn, any remaining attacks that were targeted for that Pokemon will fail.
  • Moves that hit multiple targets will hit all three opponents, but the base power of these moves is reduced to 50%.
  • It is impossible to forfeit in a Battle Royal.


  • If a Trainer's Pokemon knocks out an opposing Pokemon, that Trainer receives a point.
  • If a Pokemon faints due to indirect damage, such as poison or burn, the point is awarded to the Pokemon who caused the indirect damage to occur.
  • If a Pokemon faints due to self-inflicted damage or effects, such as from recoil or Explosion, no points will be rewarded to anyone.
  • The battle is over at the end of the turn after all of any one Trainer's Pokemon have fainted.
  • The winner is determined based on the combined total of the KO points they earned and their remaining conscious Pokemon.
  • If there is a tie using this method, the winner will be determined based on whose Pokemon have the most remaining HP.
  • A Trainer who had all of their Pokemon faint cannot win, even if they have the most points, unless all three opponents also lost all of their Pokemon.

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