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  • Necrozma is a mysterious Legendary Pokemon said to be from a different world.
  • Necrozma uses light as an energy source to stay active.
  • It also absorbs light energy from its opponents and turns that energy into powerful lasers using the prisms in its two arms.
  • The lasers can blast through anything.
  • It has a dangerous nature, and rages about in search of light, but also appears to be in pain when it does so.

SpeciesPrism Pokemon
AbilityPrism Armor
Weight507.1 lbs.
MovePrismatic Laser

Signature move: Prismatic Laser

  • Prismatic Laser is a Psychic-type special move that only Necrozma can learn.
  • It’s a devastating move?one even more powerful than Hyper Beam or Giga Impact. Necrozma will be unable to move the turn after using it, so use it wisely.

Signature Ability: Prism Armor

  • An Ability unique to Necrozma, Prism Armor reduces the damage taken from supereffective moves.
  • It may be quite a powerful weapon in battles where the type matchups are against you.

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