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Festival Plaza

  • Festival Plaza (Japanese: フェスサークル Festival Circle) is a location in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon that collects most of its communication features, such as connecting to the Pokemon Global Link and battling or trading with other players, into one place.

Festival Coins

  • When the player first visits Festival Plaza, Sophocles greets them and recruits them to make other visitors feel welcome at Festival Plaza.
  • Satisfied visitors will reward the player with Festival Coins (abbreviated as FC), which can be used at any of the seven shops that ring Festival Plaza.
  • As the player earns more Festival Coins from visitors, their Festival Plaza Rank will go up, which will unlock certain features and allow the player to replace old facilities with new ones.
  • The player can also participate in missions to earn Festival Coins.


  • The player's Festival Plaza Rank goes up as they earn Festival Coins from visitors or missions.
  • The amount of Festival Coins required for each Rank depends on the total amount the player has earned, not what the player currently has; that is, Festival Coins the player spends will not delay the point when the player will gain their next Rank.

New features

  • Sophocles will introduce other new features instead of offering facilities at certain Ranks.

RankNew features
At Rank 4missions become available
At Rank 8visitors are able to introduce the player to a facility that can be placed in the Plaza for a fee
At Rank 10the player can order fashion items from visitors
At Rank 20the name of the Plaza can be changed
At Rank 30if the player has entered the Hall of Fame and become the Champion, special "premium" purchases are unlocked at bouncy houses, food stalls, and goody shops
At Rank 40if the player has entered the Hall of Fame and become the Champion, the song playing may be changed
At Rank 50the "Glitz" theme becomes available
At Rank 60the "A fairy tale" theme becomes available
At Rank 70the "Subdued tone" theme becomes available
At Rank 100"I reached Festival Plaza Rank 100!" message becomes available

Host one of the facilities

  • When the player gains a new Festival Plaza Rank, Sophocles will visit the castle to present the player with a reward.
  • Usually he will offer a new, random facility, with the "level" of the facility, as seen by the number of stars (★), gradually increasing with higher Ranks.
  • If the player gains two Ranks that would each offer a new facility, the player will only be offered one.
  • If the player declines to host one of the facilities that Sophocles offers, he will present the player with an item tied to the facility's level.

Festival Ticket
★★★★Big Pearl
★★★★★Big Nugget

Required FC

RankFC to next rank

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