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Fortune-teller tents

  • At a fortune-teller tent, the fortune teller can suggest a place where the player may have "luck".
  • This may be described as "decent", "good", or "pretty good" luck.
  • If the fortune teller says the player will have luck at a lottery shop or haunted house, then if they visit the suggested location, they may receive a better outcome than they would have before hearing it.
  • For example, if the player may have luck in a lottery shop, the prize may turn out better or the player may get a bonus drawing.
  • The fortune teller can also say the player will have luck in Festival Plaza itself; this will increase the amount of FC the player receives for completing requests, either doubling (for decent luck), tripling (good luck), or quadrupling it (pretty good luck).
  • The fortune teller will also give the player a phrase to "bring you luck".
  • This phrase will be added to the player's repertoire of phrases they can use to customize their messages in their Festival Plaza profile settings.
  • They are added into the Common Phrases category.
  • The player can only have their fortune told once a day, but if they return to the fortune teller, they may rehear their fortune.
  • Fortune-teller tents charge 10 FC for their services.
  • All tents have three levels: ★, ★★★, and ★★★★★.

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