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Totem Stickers

Totem Stickers
  • With Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon,you’ll be able to collect stickers called Totem Stickers all around Alola.
  • Totem Stickers glitter and shine in the field.
  • If you collect these Totem Stickers, you’ll be able to get a huge totem-like Pokemon for your team, based on how many stickers you’ve collected.
  • It’ll surely shock your opponents to see you using these oversized totem-like Pokemon in battle!
  • The totem-like Pokemon that you can get as allies can differ based on whether you’re playing Pokemon Ultra Sun or Pokemon Ultra Moon.
  • For example, you can get Lurantis as an ally in Pokemon Ultra Sun or Salazzle in Pokemon Ultra Moon.
  • Search every corner of the Alola region and collect masses of Totem Stickers!

Totem Pokemon list

Totem PokemonTotem StickersLocation
LurantisLurantis-Only Ultra Sun
SalazzleSalazzle-Only Ultra Moon

Totem Stickers list

Melemele Island

LocationDetailed location
Hau'oli CityShopping District Poke Mart Right wall
Hau'oli CityShopping District Hau'oli City Hall Right wall
Hau'oli CityMarina Left Wall

Akala Island

LocationDetailed location
Route 8Aether Foundation building Left Wall

Ula'ula Island

LocationDetailed location

Poni Island

LocationDetailed location

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