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Mega Evolution

  • It is the added element from pokemon X and Y.
  • Pokemon at the final evolution after Not evolve.
  • But Pokemon exist has Evolution beyond the evolution.
  • It is Mega Evolution.
  • Mega Evolution only in battle.
  • Excellent ability to be demonstrated for Mega Evolution.

Mega Evolution possible Pokemon

  • When exist megastone for pokemon.

ability and Appearance

  • The appearance changes.
  • Power up.
  • Exist Change Type,Ability.
  • Change for Type,Ability.(a part)
  • Base stats to up and down.
  • But HP not cahnge.

Mega Evolution in Pokedex

  • Name does not change.
  • Mark is displayed.
  • Pokedex No. does not change.
  • Height and Weight be registered.

Number of possible times

  • Only one Pkemon by a battle.
  • Only one time by a battle.
  • Mega Evolution and Primal Reversion are possible simultaneously.


  • Mega Stone are necessary.
  • Key Stone are necessary.

How to get Mega Stone and Key Stone

  • Key Stone:In story or The place.
  • Mega Stone:Various places.

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