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Poke Transfer

  • Generation IV to Generation V


  • By using the Nintendo DS's Download Play, a player can send six Pokemon from a Generation IV game to a Generation V game of the same language.
  • The player will then participate in a mini-game in which they must capture the Pokemon using a bow that shoots special Poke Balls.
  • There is a time limit, and if not all six Pokemon are captured within the time limit, the Pokemon not captured will be sent back to the Generation IV game, while those that are caught will be sent to the Generation V game, allowing fewer than six Pokemon to be sent at a time.
  • The player has no limits on how many Pokemon they can transfer a day.
  • Like Pal Park, Pokemon sent over cannot be returned to any Generation IV game.
  • Any Pokemon can be transferred, except Eggs and Spiky-eared Pichu.
  • (Attempting to transfer the Spiky-eared Pichu will yield the message "Oh! This Pichu needs to stay where it is. It appears to have traveled through time. It has been affected by traveling so far through time with Celebi. It'll be risky to transfer it, so it's best for Pichu to stay where it is.")
  • Also, Pokemon that know HM moves cannot be transferred.
  • Pokemon's held items will be returned to the Generation IV game's bag.
  • In the mini-game, there are several rows of bushes that the Pokemon hide behind, sticking their heads out from time to time, or jumping from bush to bush at varying speeds.
  • The only time that they can be caught is when their head/body is not covered by a bush.
  • To help with the catching of Pokemon, near the end of the time limit a pink cloud of Sleep Powder will float across the screen, which will put all Pokemon to sleep.
  • While they are asleep, the Pokemon can be hit regardless of where they are, and have their position shown by sleeping "zzz"s.
  • It is possible for a Pokemon to have jumped off-screen when they are put to sleep; in that case, they won't be possible to hit until they wake up and come back on-screen.

Modifications to transported Pokemon

  • While unnicknamed Pokemon caught in Generation V have their names displayed in title case, unnicknamed Pokemon caught in Generation IV have their names displayed in ALLCAPS.
  • The names of unnicknamed Pokemon transferred from Generation IV games are left in ALLCAPS.
  • However, names of unnicknamed Pokemon will be displayed in title case after evolution regardless.
  • Like Pal Park, Poke Transfer only reads the data of the game the Pokemon was originally generated in, rather than its in-game met location.
  • This sets any Pokemon created in FireRed or LeafGreen to Kanto; HeartGold or SoulSilver to Johto (even if it is actually from Kanto, the Sinjoh Ruins, or the Pokewalker); Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald to Hoenn; Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum to Sinnoh; and Colosseum or XD to "distant land".
  • (Pokemon obtained from Wonder Cards are treated as being created in the game they were received in.)
  • A Pokemon originally caught in a Generation III game will have the text "after a long travel through time" added to the end of its location.
  • A Pokemon whose Egg was obtained in a game based in one region and traded to another region before it was hatched will display the name of the region it was generated in, rather than the one it was hatched in; this means that a Pokemon generated in Platinum but hatched in SoulSilver would have the OT and ID of the SoulSilver player but list that it was met in Sinnoh.
  • In addition, the level obtained at is changed to the level arrived at, and the date obtained becomes the date it was transferred to the Generation V game.

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