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Hidden Power

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HPOdd numberEven numberOdd numberEven numberOdd numberEven numberOdd numberEven number
AttackOdd numberOdd numberEven numberEven numberOdd numberOdd numberEven numberEven number
DefenseOdd numberOdd numberOdd numberOdd numberEven numberEven numberEven numberEven number
SpeedSpecial AttackSpecial Defense
Odd numberOdd numberOdd numberDarkDragonDragonDragonDragonFreezeFreezeFreeze
Even numberOdd numberOdd numberFreezePsychicPsychicPsychicPsychicElectricElectricElectric
Odd numberEven numberOdd numberElectricGrassGrassGrassGrassGrassWaterWater
Even numberEven numberOdd numberWaterWaterFireFireFireFireSteelSteel
Odd numberOdd numberEven numberSteelSteelGhostGhostGhostGhostBugBug
Even numberOdd numberEven numberBugBugBugRockRockRockRockGround
Odd numberEven numberEven numberGroundGroundGroundPoisonPoisonPoisonPoisonFlying
Even numberEven numberEven numberFlyingFlyingFlyingFightingFightingFightingFightingFighting

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