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Hyper Training

  • It is the added element from pokemon Sun and Moon.
  • Limited to level 100.
  • In exchange for a Bottle Cap, he will train one of the player's Pokemon, so long as it has reached level 100.
  • A regular Bottle Cap can increase one of a Pokemon's IVs to 31 (the maximum value), while a Gold Bottle Cap will increase all of a Pokemon's IVs to 31.
  • If an IV is already at 31, it cannot be selected for Hyper Training, and if all of a Pokemon's IVs are 31, Mr. Hyper won't allow that Pokemon to be selected at all.
  • Rather than actually changing a Pokemon's IVs, Hyper Training sets a modifier for the game to treat that stat as if it had an IV of 31.
  • As a result, it affects neither the type of Hidden Power the Pokemon has nor the IVs it can pass down when breeding.
  • IVs that have been set to 31 via Hyper Training will say "Hyper trained!" rather than "Best" when the Pokemon is judged by the Judge program in the PC.
  • If a Hyper Trained Pokemon is sent to Pokemon Bank, the stat changes will not be shown.
  • However, if transferred back to Sun and Moon, the Pokemon will still be shown as Hyper Trained, and will still be treated as if it had perfect IVs in the stats in which it was Hyper Trained.

How to Hyper Training

  • Bottle Cap or Gold Bottle Cap is necessary.
  • Hyper Training is conducted by Mr. Hyper in the Hau'oli City shopping mall on Melemele Island after the player has become the Champion of the Pokemon League.

Bottle Cap

Gold Bottle Cap

  • Can be traded to Mr. Hyper to maximize all of a Pokemon's IVs in Hyper Training.

Bottle Cap

  • Can be traded to Mr. Hyper to maximize one of a Pokemon's IVs in Hyper Training.

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