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Carefully selected


  • Prepare Flame Body (Ability) or Magma Armor (Ability).
  • If a Pokemon with Flame Body is in the party (even if fainted), the number of cycles it takes for all Pokemon Eggs in the party to hatch are halved.
Flame BodyMagbyMagmarMagmortarSlugmaMagcargoLitwickLampentChandelureLarvestaVolcaronaFletchinderTalonflame
Magma ArmorSlugmaMagcargoCamerupt

  • Prepare Destiny Knot.
  • Take over five Individual at random.
  • Prepare Everstone.
  • Take over 100% Nature, to have Everstone.
  • Prepare Carefully selected Pokemon
  • Prepare Ditto, V1 Certainty.

Sum of all individual values

SerifIV total(MAX 186)
This one, overall, I would say is wonderfully outstanding in ability!151~186
This one, overall, I would say is quite impressive in ability!121~150
This one, overall, I would describe as having better-than-average ability.91~120
This one, overall, I would describe as being of average ability.0~90

Highest individual value

SerifRange(MAX 31)
It's flawless! A thing of perfection! ...Hmm... That's how I call it.31(V)
That stat is outstanding! ...Hmm... That's how I call it.26〜30(U)
That stat is quite impressive. ...Hmm... That's how I call it.16〜25
That stat is relatively good. ...Hmm... That's how I call it.0〜15

Carefully selected method

  • To have Everstone at Carefully selected Pokemon
  • To have Destiny Knot at Ditto.
  • Day-Care Couple to deposit.
  • Hatch eggs.
  • Take a judged.
  • Increase hope V
  • repeat, repeat, repeat ando repeat.

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