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Pokemon Egg

  • Deposit an Male Pokemon and Female Pokemon in Day-Care Couple.
  • Pokemon Egg Sometimes find.
  • Pokemon are born when hatching Pokemon Egg.

Conditions for finding Pokemon Egg

  • Egg Groups need to match.
  • Have two groups, Must match any.
  • 256 steps, There is a possibility of being born.
  • Undiscovered Egg Group is characterized by its members' inability to breed.

Conditions for finding Pokemon Egg(Exception)

  • How to get Manaphy Egg is only event.
  • Nidorina or Nidoqueen is Undiscovered Egg Group, But before evolution Nidoran♀ Egg exist.
  • In the case of Gender unknown Egg Group or only Male, To deposit with Ditto.

Easy to find

  • Good relationship is better.
  • Pokemon of Trade is good.

ConditionsMale and Female are sameMale and Female are different
Male or Female is Pokemon of Trade70%50%
Male or Female is Pokemon of not Trade50%20%

Undiscovered Egg Group
Different Egg Group
Both unknow Gender
Match Gender

Hatching Pokemon Egg

  • Magma Armor and Flame Body
  • if a Pokemon with Magma Armor is in the party (even if fainted), the number of cycles it takes for all Pokemon Eggs in the party to hatch are halved.
  • This effect does not stack.

Magma Armor and Flame Body

Flame BodyMagbyMagmarMagmortarSlugmaMagcargoLitwickLampentChandelureLarvestaVolcarona
Magma ArmorSlugmaMagcargoCamerupt

Born Pokemon

  • Born Pokemon is Before evolution of Female Pokemon.
  • Born Pokemon is level 1.



  • When you have Incense, May be different.
  • Born Pokemon, Evolution of the previous one
  • To match with past works.

IncenseTo haveTo not have
Odd Incense
(Mr. Mime)
Mime Jr.Mr. Mime
Sea Incense
Rose Incense
Rock Incense
Pure Incense
Luck Incense
Wave Incense
Lax Incense
Full Incense

Ability of Pokemon born

  • Level 1
  • Take over 3 Individual Value at a maximum.
  • Take over 100% Nature, to have Everstone.
  • Priority:Ditto>Female>Male
  • Hidden Abilities:Take over with 70% chance, In case of Ditto.
  • Gender is randomly determined
  • Take over with 100% Individual, To have EV-enhancing item.

EV-enhancing itemTake over Individual Value
Power WeightIndividual Value of HP
Power BracerIndividual Value of Attack
Power BeltIndividual Value of Defense
Power LensIndividual Value of Special Attack
Power BandIndividual Value of Special Defense
Power AnkletIndividual Value of Speed

Move of Pokemon born

  • May take over Male Pokemon Move

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
Pokemon Gold and Silver and Crystal Version

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