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Team Rainbow Rocket Lysandre

Team Rainbow Rocket Lysandre
  • Team Rainbow Rocket Lysandre's Pokemon.


  • Pokemon X and Y
  • Lysandre is the boss of Team Flare, the villainous organization that appeared in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.
  • He is, by nature, a man of deep sympathies?but he has been driven to despair by watching humans fighting and struggling against one another, and he comes to believe that the only way for people to live in beauty, without strife or struggle, is by reducing the number of people living in the world.
  • He restored the ultimate weapon, which had been sealed away 3,000 years earlier, and then, using the power of the Legendary Pokemon Xerneas or Yveltal, he attempted to eradicate life.

First time -

  • -


MegaMega GyaradosWater DarkLv-


After battle

  • Pokemon Dollar:-

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