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Island Scan.QR Scanner

QR Scanner

  • The QR Scanner's main function is scanning QR Codes.
  • Scanning any QR Code records the Pokemon it describes as seen in the Pokedex if it is not already.
  • The player is limited in the number of times they can scan QR Codes in succession.
  • This limit is indicated by a row of 10 scan icons along the top of the 3DS's upper screen.
  • When the player performs a scan, one of these icons becomes darkened.
  • These scans recharge at a rate of one every two hours.
  • If the 3DS's time is changed, the QR Scanner's usable scans will be reset to 0.

Island Scan

  • When the player has accumulated 100 points from scanning QR Codes, they can use Island Scan.
  • Island Scan searches the island the player is currently on for rare Pokemon.
  • On Alola's natural islands, it will always find a Pokemon; on Aether Paradise or in Ultra Space, Island Scan will fail and will not count as a use.
  • The Pokemon it will find depends on the island and the day of the week.
  • These Pokemon are all Pokemon that are not native to the Alola region.
  • When Island Scan finds a Pokemon, it tells the player where it can be found and starts a timer that counts down from one hour.
  • This denotes how long the player will be able to find the Pokemon.
  • It cannot call for help, and if the Pokemon is knocked out or caught, the Island Scan ends immediately even if the time has not run out.
  • Running away from the Pokemon does not end the Island Scan timer.
  • If the player runs from and repeatedly encounters the designated Island Scan Pokemon, they do not encounter a single individual, who always has the same Nature, Ability, and other data; each encounter is different, with randomly generated data.
  • Island Scan Pokemon also know specific Egg Moves (unless the Pokemon has none).

    All of Starter Pokemon

    Ultra Sun
    Ultra Moon
    Generation I-BulbasaurBulbasaur
    Generation IIChikoritaChikorita
    Generation III-GrovyleGrovyle
    Generation IV-GrotleGrotle
    Generation VSerperiorSerperior
    Generation VI-ChesnaughtChesnaught

    Pokemon list

    Melemele Island

    DayPokemonLocationSpecial move
    SundayCharmanderCharmanderRoute 3-
    MondaySquirtleSquirtleSeaward Cave-
    TuesdayOnixOnixTen Carat Hill-
    WednesdayHorseaHorseaKala'e Bay(Necessary:Lapras)-
    ThursdayScatterbugScatterbugHau'oli City-
    FridayBulbasaurBulbasaurRoute 2-
    SaturdayLitwickLitwickHau'oli Cemetery-

    Akala Island

    DayPokemonLocationSpecial move
    SundayRaltsRaltsRoute 6-
    MondaySphealSphealRoute 7(Necessary:Lapras)-
    TuesdayCombuskenCombuskenRoute 8-
    WednesdayHonedgeHonedgeAkala Island外れ-
    ThursdayBeedrillBeedrillRoute 4none
    FridayGrovyleGrovyleRoute 5-
    SaturdayMarshtompMarshtompBrooklet Hill-

    Ula'ula Island

    DayPokemonLocationSpecial move
    SundayRhyhornRhyhornBlush Mountain-
    MondaySwinubSwinubTapu Village-
    TuesdayPrinplupPrinplupRoute 16-
    WednesdayGrotleGrotleUla'ula Meadow-
    ThursdayPidgeotPidgeotRoute 10-
    FridayMonfernoMonfernoRoute 11-
    SaturdayAxewAxewMount Hokulani-

    Poni Island

    DayPokemonLocationSpecial move
    SundayEelektrossEelektrossPoni Grovenone
    MondayAggronAggronPoni Plains-
    TuesdayロトムロトムPoni Gauntlet-
    WednesdayLeavannyLeavannyPoni Meadow-
    ThursdayChesnaughtChesnaughtExeggutor Island-
    FridayGreninjaGreninjaPoni Wilds-
    SaturdayDelphoxDelphoxAncient Poni Path-

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    Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
    Pokemon Gold and Silver and Crystal Version

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