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STAB modifier increases from 1.5x to 2x.

Turns Pokemon's Normal-type moves to Flying-types and receive 30% boost in base power.

AbilityAir Lock
Removes the effects of all weathers.

Raises the power of all moves by 30% if the wielder moves last.

AbilityAnger Point
Maximizes attack (+6) if the wielder get hit by a critical-hit.

Alerts the Pokemon if the opponent has any move which is super effective move or OHKO move.

AbilityArena Trap
Prevents foes from switching (grounded Pokemon only). Ghost-types can still escape. Also increases wild encounter rate.

AbilityAura Break
Reverses the effects of Fairy Aura and Dark Aura.

AbilityBad Dreams
Deals 12.5% damage each turn to sleeping foes.

Increases the power of ally's Special moves.

AbilityBattle Armor
Prevents from critical-hits.

AbilityBeast Boost
The highest stat of the Pokemon increases by 1 stage each time a Pokemon with this ability KO's a Pokemon.

Increases Sp. Attack by 1 stage when it is hit by a move which results in HP being half or lesser.

AbilityBig Pecks
Wielder's Defense cannot be lowered.

Increases Fire-type moves by 50% if the wielder's HP is less than 1/3 of maximum HP.

Protects from some Ball and Bomb moves.

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