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AbilityLeaf Guard
Prevents status in sun.

Grants immunity to Ground-type moves.

AbilityLight Metal
This Pokemon's weight is halved.

AbilityLightning Rod
All Electric-type moves target this Pokemon (except Discharge). Grants immunity to Electric moves and raises Sp. Attack by 1 stage if hit by an Electric-type move.

Prevents paralysis.

AbilityLiquid Ooze
HP-draining moves cause the opponent to lose HP instead.

AbilityLiquid Voice
All sound-based moves turn into Water-type moves.

AbilityLong Reach
This Pokemon does not make contact with target when attacks.

AbilityMagma Armor
Pokemon with this ability cannot be frozen.

AbilityMagnet Pull
Prevents Steel-types from switching out.

AbilityMarvel Scale
Increases Defense by 50% if a Pokemon with this ability is inflicted with a non-volatile status.

AbilityMega Launcher
Boosts the power of Aura and Pulse moves by 50%.

Lands critical-hit if the target it Poisoned.

AbilityMisty Surge
Changes terrain to Misty when this Pokemon enters a battle.

AbilityMold Breaker
Ignores foes's ability which hinder move's effects.

AbilityMotor Drive
Grants immunity from Electric moves and increases Speed by 1 stage if hit by a Electric-move.

Attack increases by 1 stage as a Pokemon with this ability KO'es another Pokemon.

Reduces damage taken from attacks by 50% when at full HP.

Arceus' type depends on the held plate.

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