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AbilityCheek Pouch
Restores 33% of maximum HP if the Pokemon with this ability consumes a berry.

Speed is doubled in sun.

AbilityClear Body
Stats cannot be lowered.

AbilityCloud Nine
Removes the effects of all weathers.

AbilityColor Change
The Pokemon's type changes to the type of move it was last hit.

Prevents from all major status condition except Sleep. Can still attack while asleep.

Increases the Sp. Attack by 2 stages if a stat is lowered.

AbilityCompound Eyes
Raises accuracy by 30%.

Pokemon's stat changes are revered.

A Pokemon with this ability can Poison Steel and Poison-type Pokemon(s).

AbilityCursed Body
The wielder has a 30% chance to disable the move it was last hit with.

Prevents the use of Self-Destruct/Explosion.

AbilityDark Aura
Increases the power of all Dark-type moves to 1.3x.

The opponent cannot use any priority moves on this Pokemon.

Wielder's Attack and Sp. Attack is halved if its HP is less than 50% of maximum HP.

Increases Attack by 2 stages for every stat lowered.

Increases Attack or Sp. Attack of a Pokemon as it switches in. Increases Attack if foe's Defense is lower than Sp. Defense and vice versa.

Summons rain.

Summons sun.

AbilityDry Skin
Water attacks are absorbed and adds Fire as weakness; heals HP each turn in rain and takes damage each turn in sun.

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