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AbilityNatural Cure
Cures status on switch out.

AbilityNo Guard
All attacks used on and by this Pokemon cannot miss.

Moves used by this Pokemon will be of Normal-type and deal 20% more damage.

Does not take residual damage during Snow or Sandstorm. Also grants immunity from Spore and Powder moves.

Increases the power of Grass moves by 50% if HP is less than 50% of maximum HP.

AbilityOwn Tempo
This Pokemon cannot be confused.

AbilityParental Bond
Converts Pokemon's moves into 2-strikes. The 2nd strike will do 25% of the first hit.

Turns this Pokemon's Normal-type moves to Fairy-type moves and deals 1.3x damage.

AbilityPoison Heal
Restores 1/8th of maximum HP each turn if poisoned.

AbilityPoison Touch
Wielder's contact moves have a 30% chance to poison the target.

AbilityPower of Alchemy
Copies defeated ally's ability.

Non-damaging (status) moves's priority is increased by 1. Increased priority moves will fail on Dark-type moves.

Opponent loses 2 PP each turn.

AbilityPrism Armor
Reduces damage taken from super-effective hits.

AbilityPsychic Surge
Turns the ground to a Psychic-terrain.

AbilityPure Power
Doubles attack.

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