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AbilityTangled Feet
Evasion is increased if confused.

AbilityTangling Hair
Lowers opponent's Speed by 1 stage if it makes contact with this Pokemon.

Increases the power of moves by 50% which have a base power of 60 or below.

A Pokemon with this ability does not take damage from ally's moves.

Ignores foes's ability which hinder move's effects.

AbilityThick Fat
Halves the damage taken from Fire and Ice-type moves.

AbilityTinted Lense
Doubles damage dealt on hits which the opponent resists.

Boosts the power of Water-type moves by 50% when HP is less than 1/3rd.

AbilityTough Claws
Moves which make physical contact do 1.33x damage.

AbilityToxic Boost
Attack increases by 50% if a Pokemon with this ability is poisoned.

Copies opponent's ability.

Does nothing every other turn (the reason why Slaking is a joke).

Healing moves have increased priority (+3).

Ignores foes's ability which hinder move's effects.

Ignores opponent's stat changes.

Speed increases if the held item is consumed/lost.

The opponent cannot consume its held berry.

AbilityVictory Star
Pokemon with this ability and its allies' evasion is increased by 10%.

AbilityVital Spirit
Prevents sleep.

AbilityVolt Absorb
Restores 25% of maximum HP if hit by an Electric-type move.

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