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AbilityEarly Bird
Sleep time reduced by 50%.

AbilityElectric Surge
Turns terrain to Electric when this Pokemon enters a battle.

AbilityFairy Aura
Increases the power of all Fairy moves to 1.3x.

Reduces damage taken from super-effective hits by 1/4.

AbilityFlare Boost
Sp. Attack is increased by 50% if burned.

AbilityFlash Fire
Grants Fire immunity and raises the power of Fire moves by 50% if hit by a Fire move.

AbilityFlower Gift
Increases Attack and Sp. Defense of this Pokemon and its allies in the sun by 1.5x.

AbilityFlower Veil
Prevents from lowering stats of all Grass-type allies.

Changes type depending on the weather.

Shows opponent's move which has the highest base power.

AbilityFriend Guard
Lowers damage done to a teammate by 25%.

Shows foe's held item.

AbilityFull Metal Body
Opponent's moves or abilities cannot lower this Pokemon's stats.

AbilityFur Coat
Halves damage taken from physical moves.

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