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AbilityQueenly Majesty
Priority moves cannot be used on this Pokemon.

AbilityQuick Feet
Raises speed by 50% when inflicted with a status.

AbilityRain Dish
Restores 1/6th of maximum HP each turn.

Copies defeated ally's ability.

Increases power of moves which have recoil damage by 20%.

Turns this Pokemon's Normal-type moves into Ice-type moves and do 1.3x damage.

Pokemon with this ability restores 50% of maximum HP every time it switches out.

Increases move's power by 25% if the target if of same gender and reduces move's power if the target is of opposite gender.

AbilityRKS System
Changes Pokemon's type depending of the held Memory Disc.

AbilityRock Head
Doesn't take recoil damage.

AbilityRough Skin
Deals 1/8th of maximum HP if opponent makes physical contact.

AbilityRun Away
Increases the chances of being able to run away from a wild battle.

AbilitySand Rush
Speed is doubled in sandstorm.

AbilitySand Stream
Summons sandstorm.

AbilitySand Veil
Evasion increases by 20% in sandstorm.

AbilitySap Sipper
Grants immunity from Grass-type moves; attack increases by 1 stage if hit by a Grass-type move.

Pokemon with this ability can hit Ghost-types with Normal and Fighting moves.

AbilitySerene Grace
Chances of secondary effects are doubled.

AbilityShadow Shield
Lowers damage taken when health if full.

AbilityShed Skin
Has a 30% chance to heal from status every turn.

AbilitySheer Force
Increases the power of moves by 30% which have a secondary effect; but removes the secondary effect from moves. Boosted moves takes no damage from Life Orb.

AbilityShell Armor
Pokemon with this ability cannot receive critical-hit.

AbilityShield Dust
Prevents from opponent's secondary effects.

AbilityShields Down
Changes to Core form when HP becomes 50% or lesser.

Doubles the effect stat boosts/drops.

AbilitySkill Link
Multi-hit moves always hits the maximum number of times.

AbilitySlow Start
This Pokemon's attack and speed halved for the first 5 turns. Poor Regigigas.

AbilitySlush Rush
Increases the Speed in hailstorm.

Critical hits do 2.25x damage.

AbilitySnow Cloak
This Pokemon's evasion increases in hail.

AbilitySnow Warning
Summons hail.

AbilitySolar Power
Loses 10% HP each turn but raises Sp. Attack by 50% (Sunny weather required).

AbilitySolid Rock
Reduces super effective damage taken by 1/4th.

Increases Sp. Attack by 1 stage each time a Pokemon faints.

Sound-moves don't affect.

AbilitySpeed Boost
Speed increases by 1 stage each turn.

Deals double damage to target's replacement if the target switched out.

Moves last.

Increases Defense by 1 stage when hit by an attack.

Increases the power of Steel-type moves by 50%.

Speed increases by 1 stage if flinched.

Adds a 10% chance to flinch on the moves who do not have a chance to flinch the opponent.

AbilitySticky Hold
This Pokemon's item cannot be removed.

AbilityStorm Drain
All Water-type moves target this Pokemon; also grants immunity from Water-type moves and raises Sp.Attack b 1 stage if hit by a Water-type move.

AbilitySuction Cups
This Pokemon cannot be forced to switch out.

AbilitySuper Luck
Critical-hit rate increases by 1 stage.

AbilitySurge Surfer
Speed becomes 2x on Electric terrain.

Increases the power of Bug-type moves by 50% when HP is less than 1/3rd.

AbilitySweet Veil
Allies cannot be put to sleep.

AbilitySwift Swim
Speed is doubled in rain.

Passes item to ally as soon as it is used.

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