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  • The power of Fling is determined by the held item.
  • Will lose the things threw.
  • The move will fail if the user has no held item, or if threw Mega Stone,Poke Ball,Gem,Mail,Ability Capsule,Blue Orb and Red Orb.

Fling Power

Iron Ball130The best power among Fling (move).
Speed halves.
Ground type move hits, Have Levitate (Ability) Pokemon and Flying type Pokemon.
Jaw Fossil100-
Helix Fossil100-
Hard Stone100-
Rare Bone100-
Dome Fossil100-
Skull Fossil100-
Armor Fossil100-
Claw Fossil100-
Root Fossil100-
Plume Fossil100-
Plume Fossil100-
Sail Fossil100-
Cover Fossil100-
Sky Plate90-
Zap Plate90-
Stone Plate90-
Iron Plate90-
Fist Plate90-
Dread Plate901.2 times power
Splash Plate90-
Deep Sea Tooth90-
Pixie Plate90-
Earth Plate90-
Insect Plate90-
Icicle Plate90-
Grip Claw90-
Flame Plate90-
Mind Plate90-
Thick Club902 times power(Cubone and Marowak)
Meadow Plate90-
Toxic Plate90-
Spooky Plate90-
Draco Plate90-
Galladite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Glalitite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Pinsirite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Odd Keystone80-
Garchompite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Blastoisinite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Kangaskhanite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Mawilite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Sticky Barb80-
Gengarite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Gardevoirite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Sharpedonite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Sceptilite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Banettite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Weakness Policy80-
Beedrillite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Razor Claw80-
Quick Claw80-
Sun Stone80-
Audinite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Altarianite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Medichamite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Diancite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Ampharosite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Assault Vest80-
Steelixite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Cameruptite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Scizorite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Tyranitarite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Shiny Stone80-
Pidgeotite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Alakazite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Heracronite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Whipped Dream80-
Safety Goggles80-
Salamencite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Aggronite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Oval Stone80-
Lopunnite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Mewtwonite X80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Mewtwonite Y80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Dawn Stone80-
Metagrossite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Slowbronite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Dusk Stone80-
Sablenite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Abomasite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Swampertite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Charizardite X80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Charizardite Y80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Lucarionite80Corresponding Pokemon will fail.
Douse Drive70-
Shock Drive70-
Power Anklet70-
Power Weight70-
Power Band70-
Power Belt70-
Power Bracer70-
Power Lens70-
Chill Drive70-
Burn Drive70-
Poison Barb70Additional effect Poison.
Dragon Fang70-
Heat Rock60-
Macho Brace60-
Rocky Helmet60-
Adamant Orb60-
Damp Rock60-
Lustrous Orb60-
Griseous Orb60-
Dubious Disc50-
Sharp Beak50-
Icy Rock40-
Lucky Punch40-
Rage Candy Bar30-
Blue Shard30-
Blue Flute30-
Red Flute30-
Shoal Shell30-
Shoal Salt30-
Escape Rope30-
Life Orb301.3 times power
Fluffy Tail30-
Guard Spec.30-
Fresh Water30-
King's Rock30Additional effect Flinching.
Big Mushroom30-
Big Pearl30-
Pearl String30-
Amulet Coin30-
Shell Bell30-
Full Restore30-
Flame Orb30Additional effect Burn.
Balm Mushroom30-
Exp. Share30-
Thunder Stone30-
Float Stone30-
Yellow Shard30-
Yellow Flute30-
Miracle Seed30-
Berry Juice30-
Absorb Bulb30-
Cleanse Tag30-
Prism Scale30-
Wonder Launcher30-
Black Glasses301.2 times power
Black Flute30-
Black Sludge30-
Black Belt30-
Smoke Ball30-
Max Revive30-
Ice Heal30-
Max Repel30-
Soul Dew30-
Relic Crown30-
Relic Band30-
Relic Gold30-
Relic Silver30-
Relic Copper30-
Relic Statue30-
Soda Pop30-
Lucky Egg30-
Damp Mulch30-
Binding Band30-
Cell Battery30-
Super Repel30-
White Flute30-
Deep Sea Scale30-
Mystic Water30-
Comet Shard30-
Hyper Potion30-
Growth Mulch30-
X Speed30-
X Special30-
X Sp. Def30-
Razor Fang30Additional effect Flinching.
Sacred Ash30-
Eject Button30-
Rich Mulch30-
Tiny Mushroom30-
Energy Powder30-
Energy Root30-
Moon Stone30-
X Defend30-
Big Nugget30-
Pass Orb30-
Light Ball30Additional effect Paralyzed.
Toxic Orb30Additional effect Bad poison.
Never-Melt Ice30-
Stable Mulch30-
Full Heal30-
Gooey Mulch30-
Spell Tag30-
Sweet Heart30-
Heart Scale30-
Heal Powder30-
Max Elixir30-
Max Ether30-
Luminous Moss30-
Light Clay30-
Poke Doll30-
Scope Lens30-
Lava Cookie30-
Rare Candy30-
Revival Herb30-
X Attack30-
PP Up30-
PP Max30-
Poke Toy30-
Star Piece30-
Fire Stone30-
Twisted Spoon30-
HP Up30-
Paralyze Heal30-
Max Potion30-
Lumiose Galette30-
Water Stone30-
Green Shard30-
Metal Coat30-
Moomoo Milk30-
Old Chateau30-
Burn Heal30-
Soothe Bell30-
X Accuracy30-
Dragon Scale30-
Leaf Stone30-
Pretty Wing20-
Muscle Wing20-
Swift Wing20-
Clever Wing20-
Health Wing20-
Genius Wing20-
Resist Wing20-
Kee Berry10-
Iapapa Berry101/8 Recover HP.
Sour weak Pokemon become Confusion.
Blue Scarf10-
Destiny Knot10-
Red Scarf10-
Odd Incense10-
Passho Berry10-
Custap Berry10-
Wiki Berry101/8 Recover HP.
Bitter weak Pokemon become Confusion.
Sea Incense10-
Payapa Berry10-
Grepa Berry10-
Big Root10-
Occa Berry10-
Rose Incense10-
Sitrus Berry101/4 Recover Max HP.
Oran Berry1010 Recover HP.
Watmel Berry10-
Chesto Berry10Recover Sleep.
Kasib Berry10-
Salac Berry10Raises Speed by 1 stage.
Rock Incense10-
Focus Sash10-
Focus Band10-
Persim Berry10Recover Confusion.
Yellow Scarf10-
Pure Incense10-
Shed Shell10-
Silver Powder10-
Cheri Berry10Recover Paralysis.
Luck Incense10-
Wide Lens10-
Lagging Tail10-
Magost Berry10-
Choice Scarf10-
Choice Band101.5 times power.
Choice Specs10-
Wave Incense10-
Smooth Rock10-
Pomeg Berry10-
Lansat Berry10 Boosts critical-hit ratio by 1 stages.
Pamtre Berry10-
Shuca Berry10-
Silk Scarf10-
White Herb10Recover Declining Statistic.
Apicot Berry10-
Starf Berry10Raises Statistic by 2 stage.
Quick Powder10-
Razz Berry10-
Wepear Berry10-
Wacan Berry10-
Expert Belt10-
Qualot Berry10-
Maranga Berry10-
Tanga Berry10-
Rawst Berry10Recover Burn.
Liechi Berry10 Raises Attack by 1 stage.
Muscle Band10-
Durin Berry10-
Enigma Berry101/4 Recover Max HP.
Aspear Berry10Recover Ice.
Nanab Berry10-
Colbur Berry10-
Kelpsy Berry10-
Ring Target10-
Lax Incense10-
Nomel Berry10-
Spelon Berry10-
Bargain Ticket10-
Pinap Berry10-
Coba Berry10-
Haban Berry10-
Power Herb10-
Aguav Berry101/8 Recover HP
Bitter weak Pokemon become Confusion.
Kebia Berry10-
Bright Powder10-
Leppa Berry1010 Recover PP.
Pink Scarf10-
Figy Berry101/8 Recover HP
Spicy weak Pokemon become Confusion.
Air Balloon10-
Zoom Lens10-
Bluk Berry10-
Belue Berry10-
Chilan Berry10-
Mago Berry101/8 Recover HP
Sweet weak Pokemon become Confusion.
Tamato Berry10-
Full Incense10-
Green Scarf10-
Micle Berry10 Raises accuracy by 1 stage.
Metal Powder10-
Mental Herb10「Recover Infatuation.
Cornn Berry10-
Wise Glasses10-
Pecha Berry10Recover Poison.
Petaya Berry10Raises Special Attack by 1 stage.
Yache Berry10-
Soft Sand10-
Chople Berry10-
Charti Berry10-
Rabuta Berry10-
Lum Berry10Recover Status ailment.
Ganlon Berry10Raises Special Defense by 1 stage.
Babiri Berry10-
Rindo Berry10-
Reaper Cloth10-
Red Card10-
Rowap Berry10-
Roseli Berry10-
Hondew Berry10-

Learnset Pokemon

Learnset by leveling up

  • 057:Primeape:Lv1
  • 088:Grimer:Lv26
  • 088:Alolan Grimer:Lv26
  • 089:Muk:Lv26
  • 089:Alolan Muk:Lv26
  • 104:Cubone:Lv33
  • 105:Marowak:Lv37
  • 105:Alolan Marowak:Lv37
  • 113:Chansey:Lv34
  • 190:Aipom:Lv36
  • 216:Teddiursa:Lv57
  • 242:Blissey:Lv34
  • 263:Zigzagoon:Lv41
  • 264:Linoone:Lv48
  • 279:Pelipper:Lv28
  • 289:Slaking:Lv47
  • 424:Ambipom:Lv36
  • 446:Munchlax:Lv41
  • 461:Weavile:Lv28
  • 511:Pansage:Lv28
  • 513:Pansear:Lv28
  • 515:Panpour:Lv28
  • 656:Froakie:Lv25
  • 657:Frogadier:Lv28
  • 701:Hawlucha:Lv24
  • 766:Passimian:Lv39

Learnset by TM

  • 004:Charmander
  • 005:Charmeleon
  • 006:Charizard
  • 007:Squirtle
  • 008:Wartortle
  • 009:Blastoise
  • 025:Pikachu
  • 026:Raichu
  • 026:Alolan Raichu
  • 027:Sandshrew
  • 027:Alolan Sandshrew
  • 028:Sandslash
  • 028:Alolan Sandslash
  • 031:Nidoqueen
  • 034:Nidoking
  • 035:Clefairy
  • 036:Clefable
  • 039:Jigglypuff
  • 040:Wigglytuff
  • 044:Gloom
  • 045:Vileplume
  • 054:Psyduck
  • 055:Golduck
  • 056:Mankey
  • 057:Primeape
  • 061:Poliwhirl
  • 062:Poliwrath
  • 063:Abra
  • 064:Kadabra
  • 065:Alakazam
  • 066:Machop
  • 067:Machoke
  • 068:Machamp
  • 074:Geodude
  • 074:Alolan Geodude
  • 075:Graveler
  • 075:Alolan Graveler
  • 076:Golem
  • 076:Alolan Golem
  • 080:Slowbro
  • 086:Seel
  • 087:Dewgong
  • 088:Grimer
  • 088:Alolan Grimer
  • 089:Muk
  • 089:Alolan Muk
  • 093:Haunter
  • 094:Gengar
  • 096:Drowzee
  • 097:Hypno
  • 098:Krabby
  • 099:Kingler
  • 104:Cubone
  • 105:Marowak
  • 105:Alolan Marowak
  • 106:Hitmonlee
  • 107:Hitmonchan
  • 108:Lickitung
  • 112:Rhydon
  • 113:Chansey
  • 115:Kangaskhan
  • 122:Mr. Mime
  • 124:Jynx
  • 125:Electabuzz
  • 126:Magmar
  • 127:Pinsir
  • 143:Snorlax
  • 149:Dragonite
  • 150:Mewtwo
  • 151:Mew
  • 157:Typhlosion
  • 158:Totodile
  • 159:Croconaw
  • 160:Feraligatr
  • 161:Sentret
  • 162:Furret
  • 165:Ledyba
  • 166:Ledian
  • 172:Pichu
  • 173:Cleffa
  • 174:Igglybuff
  • 175:Togepi
  • 176:Togetic
  • 180:Flaaffy
  • 181:Ampharos
  • 182:Bellossom
  • 183:Marill
  • 184:Azumarill
  • 185:Sudowoodo
  • 186:Politoed
  • 190:Aipom
  • 195:Quagsire
  • 199:Slowking
  • 207:Gligar
  • 209:Snubbull
  • 210:Granbull
  • 212:Scizor
  • 214:Heracross
  • 215:Sneasel
  • 216:Teddiursa
  • 217:Ursaring
  • 225:Delibird
  • 238:Smoochum
  • 239:Elekid
  • 240:Magby
  • 241:Miltank
  • 242:Blissey
  • 248:Tyranitar
  • 251:Celebi
  • 252:Treecko
  • 253:Grovyle
  • 254:Sceptile
  • 256:Combusken
  • 257:Blaziken
  • 259:Marshtomp
  • 260:Swampert
  • 263:Zigzagoon
  • 264:Linoone
  • 271:Lombre
  • 272:Ludicolo
  • 274:Nuzleaf
  • 275:Shiftry
  • 279:Pelipper
  • 280:Ralts
  • 281:Kirlia
  • 282:Gardevoir
  • 286:Breloom
  • 287:Slakoth
  • 288:Vigoroth
  • 289:Slaking
  • 293:Whismur
  • 294:Loudred
  • 295:Exploud
  • 296:Makuhita
  • 297:Hariyama
  • 302:Sableye
  • 303:Mawile
  • 306:Aggron
  • 307:Meditite
  • 308:Medicham
  • 311:Plusle
  • 312:Minun
  • 313:Volbeat
  • 314:Illumise
  • 326:Grumpig
  • 327:Spinda
  • 331:Cacnea
  • 332:Cacturne
  • 335:Zangoose
  • 341:Corphish
  • 342:Crawdaunt
  • 352:Kecleon
  • 354:Banette
  • 355:Duskull
  • 356:Dusclops
  • 377:Regirock
  • 378:Regice
  • 379:Registeel
  • 383:Groudon
  • 384:Rayquaza
  • 385:Jirachi
  • 386:Deoxys
  • 390:Chimchar
  • 391:Monferno
  • 392:Infernape
  • 393:Piplup
  • 394:Prinplup
  • 395:Empoleon
  • 400:Bibarel
  • 408:Cranidos
  • 409:Rampardos
  • 416:Vespiquen
  • 417:Pachirisu
  • 424:Ambipom
  • 427:Buneary
  • 428:Lopunny
  • 439:Mime Jr.
  • 440:Happiny
  • 445:Garchomp
  • 446:Munchlax
  • 447:Riolu
  • 448:Lucario
  • 451:Skorupi
  • 452:Drapion
  • 453:Croagunk
  • 454:Toxicroak
  • 455:Carnivine
  • 460:Abomasnow
  • 461:Weavile
  • 463:Lickilicky
  • 464:Rhyperior
  • 465:Tangrowth
  • 466:Electivire
  • 467:Magmortar
  • 468:Togekiss
  • 472:Gliscor
  • 475:Gallade
  • 477:Dusknoir
  • 478:Froslass
  • 480:Uxie
  • 481:Mesprit
  • 482:Azelf
  • 484:Palkia
  • 486:Regigigas
  • 489:Phione
  • 490:Manaphy
  • 491:Darkrai
  • 494:Victini
  • 499:Pignite
  • 500:Emboar
  • 501:Oshawott
  • 502:Dewott
  • 503:Samurott
  • 504:Patrat
  • 505:Watchog
  • 511:Pansage
  • 512:Simisage
  • 513:Pansear
  • 514:Simisear
  • 515:Panpour
  • 516:Simipour
  • 529:Drilbur
  • 530:Excadrill
  • 531:Audino
  • 532:Timburr
  • 533:Gurdurr
  • 534:Conkeldurr
  • 537:Seismitoad
  • 538:Throh
  • 539:Sawk
  • 547:Whimsicott
  • 552:Krokorok
  • 553:Krookodile
  • 554:Darumaka
  • 555:Darmanitan
  • 559:Scraggy
  • 560:Scrafty
  • 569:Garbodor
  • 570:Zorua
  • 571:Zoroark
  • 572:Minccino
  • 573:Cinccino
  • 574:Gothita
  • 575:Gothorita
  • 576:Gothitelle
  • 579:Reuniclus
  • 587:Emolga
  • 610:Axew
  • 611:Fraxure
  • 612:Haxorus
  • 613:Cubchoo
  • 614:Beartic
  • 619:Mienfoo
  • 620:Mienshao
  • 621:Druddigon
  • 622:Golett
  • 623:Golurk
  • 624:Pawniard
  • 625:Bisharp
  • 631:Heatmor
  • 641:Tornadus
  • 642:Thundurus
  • 643:Reshiram
  • 644:Zekrom
  • 645:Landorus
  • 646:Normal Kyurem
  • 646:Black Kyurem
  • 646:White Kyurem
  • 648:Meloetta
  • 650:Chespin
  • 651:Quilladin
  • 652:Chesnaught
  • 656:Froakie
  • 657:Frogadier
  • 658:Greninja
  • 659:Bunnelby
  • 660:Diggersby
  • 674:Pancham
  • 675:Pangoro
  • 686:Inkay
  • 687:Malamar
  • 688:Binacle
  • 689:Barbaracle
  • 701:Hawlucha
  • 702:Dedenne
  • 720:Hoopa Confined
  • 720:Hoopa Unbound
  • 721:Volcanion
  • 727:Incineroar
  • 735:Gumshoos
  • 739:Crabrawler
  • 740:Crabominable
  • 753:Fomantis
  • 754:Lurantis
  • 757:Salandit
  • 758:Salazzle
  • 759:Stufful
  • 760:Bewear
  • 762:Steenee
  • 763:Tsareena
  • 764:Comfey
  • 765:Oranguru
  • 766:Passimian
  • 768:Golisopod
  • 770:Palossand
  • 776:Turtonator
  • 777:Togedemaru
  • 778:Mimikyu
  • 779:Bruxish
  • 780:Drampa
  • 783:Hakamo-o
  • 784:Kommo-o
  • 786:Tapu Lele
  • 787:Tapu Bulu
  • 788:Tapu Fini
  • 794:Buzzwole
  • 795:Pheromosa
  • 796:Xurkitree
  • 799:Guzzlord
  • 800:Necrozma
  • 802:Marshadow

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